Customize Admin Panel


To add new features to Admin Panel, developer should be experienced with VueJS and tools like NodeJs, Npm and Webpack. Developers with knowledge of mentioned tools should be able to quickly add new features to Admin Panel.

Required software

  • NodeJs
  • npm
  • VueJs

Before starting development with VueJs and modifing Admin Panel to suit your needs, make sure you have above tools installed and available from a CLI of your choice.

Install Node Modules

Once LaraOne CMS has been cloned from Github and installed to install all the packages that are required compile Admin Panel, you have to run

    npm install

Note: Above command is only required if you plan to enhance Admin Panel with custom development. It is not required to run the command just to install the CMS and use it.

Once all the node packages that Admin Panel is dependent on have been installed, you are free to start customizing LaraOne Admin Panel and adding new features.

Compile the Project

To test your modifications you need to compile the project from the CLI.

To compile development version during local development run

    npm run dev

To compile production version run

    npm run prod

Important Files & Folders

Important files and folders to take a look at and study:

  • package.json - javascript packages required by LaraOne
  • webpack.mix.js - code and assets bundling script
  • resources\admin\js - javascript code for LaraOne's Admin Panel
  • resources\admin\sass - all the styles for Admin Panel in SASS format