Overview Admin Panel


LaraOne Admin Panel is built with VueJs. Webpack and Laravel mix are used to compile and optimize assets. Admin Panel files are found under resources\admin.

There are three folders of that are required to successfully compile Admin Panel

  • js - Javascript folder where all VueJs components and javascript logic is
  • sass - Styles for Admin Panel
  • fonts - Fonts used by Admin Panel


Admin Panel is split in different modules that are implemeneted with Vuex Store approach.

  • Content Editor
  • Widgets Editor
  • Taxonomy Editor
  • Comments Managment
  • Settings Managment

The above modules can be found under resources\js\store\modules

Everything else in Admin Panel is implemented without using Vuex Store, using instead regular VueJs component approach.

Content Editor

Content Editor that comes with the CMS is crafted to allow users to work with Component based approach. Gonne is old WYSIWYG editor. Instead with Content Editor and components you can not only build simple pages filled with content but instead any kind of advanced landing pages with amazing layouts. Not only that but most of the content will also be automatically mobile responsive.

  • Views for Content Editor code are located here resources\js\views\editor\content
  • Vuex store for Content Editor is located here resources\js\store\modules\content


Components are integral part of LaraOne CMS. They are defined both in the backend for serverside rendering as well in Admin Panel. All the components definistions and files are found here resources\js\blocks\components