Themes Overview


Themes are supported in LaraOne. LaraOne makes it possible to build views & assets in seperate folders. Themes are allowed to extend other themes.


Some of the features for theme system in LaraOne are:

  • Views & Asset separation in theme folders.
  • Theme inheritance: Extend any theme and create Theme hierarchies.
  • Themes are distributable, Create a single-file theme Package and install it easily.
  • Ships with console commands to install & update themes.


Each theme views and assets are separated and kept in two different folders:

  • views are located in \resources\themes folder
  • assets like images, css, js, fonts are found in \public\themes folder


Theme development is supported by a php package that provides commands to validate and package theme. While theme is being developed Laravel-Zero is used to provide environment in which to develop the theme. Laravel-Zero is a micro-framework for console applications.